By Heather Lopez

Okay, I have a confession to make: I am guilty of being a blog neglector. I have multiple blogs, most of them with more of a community feel, that I do not post on as consistently as I should. In fact, I let weeks, even months at a time pass, without posting. Wow, I seem like such a hyprocrite telling other business owners that they need to have a blog they post on regularly to drive traffic to their site, while I sit there and neglect to do that very same thing for my own business. How can I run events and sites for bloggers, when I am being a badblogger myself?

Perhaps it’s because I have so many blogs which means I can never dedicate the time that is needed to develop a consistent and popular blog. Maybe it’s because I am afraid I do not know enough to actually write informative posts on a daily basis? Maybe it’s because my two toddlers won’t let me get in more than a few minutes at a time to work on things, so I tend to write late at night and fall asleep?

It took attending the session with Chris Brogan and a blog post by Mike Michaolowicz to make me finally admit that I have a problem. It’s like a lightbulb went off in my head. I want to build trust for my readers and clients. I want to be consistent. The only way I can do that is to choose a primary business blog that I post to regularly and stick with that. With the new agency staff I am bringing on, I will be looking to have them help me find community bloggers for my other sites. This blog already feeds into Become Better Brands, so no need to adjust things there. But, I need other bloggers for,, and Then there is the new personal blog I was starting….

For someone who is a perfectionist, it takes a lot to admit when you are falling short somewhere. So let this be my resolution to be a better blogger. Let it serve as a promise to my clients and readers that I will be more consistent. I will provide you something more than what I have been giving you. While I can’t promise twice daily postings (which is recommended), I can commit to providing posts a lot more frequently.

Anyone have any confessions you’d like to make? Comment below.