Thanks to Yahoo, I found this rather funny video set to go viral called, “We’re Not Young.” It’s a spoof of “We Are Young” by Fun. I have been milling around doing theme days on my blog so I decided to make Wednesday “Watch This Wednesday.” While I predominantly plan to vlog on Wednesday myself, I will occasionally feature other videos I find interesting & you might too.  So without further ado, WATCH THIS and then go to the bottom for discussion.

Being 32, I definitely relate to this video. You may notice that I write “30 something” in my bio. I do this for three reasons: 1.) It’s my homage to the show “thirtysomething.” (Remember that?) 2.) It sounds a little better than putting the exact number. 3.) I don’t have to change it on all my bios everywhere, every year. I’ve got a good 8 years before I can say 40 something.

Now I know many of my 30 something followers can relate to this video as well. We’ve got this not-so-secret club that gets excited whenever we mention anything about the 80’s like Gizmo, Fraggle Rock, or Rainbow Brite. But this video focuses on how you are doing right now, and is a bit of a reality smack to the face. It also comes at a time when I am about to celebrate my business mentor’s 40th birthday this weekend, about to cross the threshold between the 30s and 40s. So right about now would be a good time for someone to swoop in with their magical cure for the 30s blues depicted in the video.

[Insert product mentions for hair dye, wrinkle cream, skin moisturizers, etc. here.] Just kidding! I’m not trying to sell anything today but my viewpoint.

I’d love your comments about being in your 30s and how accurate the videos is. Please share your opinions below & feel free to share this post if you know someone else in the 30 something club.