South Florida Parenting Magazine May Edition
I am a strong believer that moms are a very special kind of super hero. Our powers include having eyes in the back of our head, sonic hearing in which to hear our kids crying out for us, multitasking several activities at once, using all of our limbs & extremities to carry out these activities, needing less sleep to function, and the ability to communicate an entire lecture with just one look. I also organized a conference named Super Mom Entrepreneur. It’s no wonder¬†I loved this month’s cover of South Florida Parenting Magazine.

As a South Florida Parenting Mom Approved Panelist, we get access to the magazine before anyone else. We get a chance to check out all of the articles and specials, and sometimes see our own writing amongst the pages. This month, in honor of Mother’s Day, the magazine features a listing of all of the mom events, as well as articles such as ¬†Mother’s Day Travel, What Mom Really Wants, and Stuff Moms Love. The Kids Crown nominees are announced, as well as the opportunity to vote for the Rockin’ Teacher of the Year.

One of the articles that I took notice of was the one entitled. “Save Time and Money When Planning and Preparing Healthy Meals.” I used to plan and shop for healthy meals every week when I was working at a supervised living program. However, in my own house, we have been pretty bad at planning. My husband prefers everything fresh, which sometimes leads to multiple trips to the store per week. I also forget to check out sales, deals, and the like because we are more in the moment. I enjoyed reading this article’s tips and I might just start implementing some of them. Click the cover above and you can read the digital version of the mag.

Tell me what you think about that article or this issue below.

Disclosure: I am a member of the South Florida Parenting Mom Approved Panel. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received for my participation.