Welcome to Blog Things Thursday: If I had a social network button, this would be it (button above). I created this last year to post on Facebook. All too often, we forget to stop and share the love for someone else because we are so consumed by our own lives. I made the button to remind people to stay connected in a meaningful way.

As a blogger, sharing the love means to support each others’ blogs through commenting, sharing, entering contests, etc. There is an element of reciprocity in the blogging world, and if you are too selfish or one-sided, you will find yourself and your blog in nowheresville. I have found that the best way to grow your following is to follow others, comment, support them and guestblog for them. When you put others before yourself, you will find that others will lift you up in return.

I work with both mom bloggers & mom entrepreneurs and I can tell you that each community has its own form of supporting each other. With entrepreneurs, there are usually product sales between them involved. While for bloggers, the commodity is social capital between each other that leads to monetary capital from sponsors, brands & advertisers. Then you have the overlay of entrepreneurial bloggers who blog for their business and you might find them supporting not only name brand products, but mom made products as well.

The point is that if you want to be successful with your blog, you need to contribute to the blogging community around you. So tell me how you shared the love today 🙂