*Disclaimer: This is my weekly chance to share what’s on my mind. This post may contain humor with the occasional sprinkle of a profane word, ooh, so if that might offend you, you could just decide to skip it if you prefer to stick with reading my other interesting posts.*

Today I am doing some hardcore cleaning. You know, the kind where you even clean the baseboards spic and span. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but Friday has become my cleaning day. Perhaps it’s because my husband likes to have a clean house when we start the weekend, and so we can really enjoy it rather than spending the whole time cleaning up. By default, if I have something on a Friday, I need to clean-up on Thursday.

I used to clean to Godsmack’s song “I fucking hate you,” anything Metallica and Disturbed’s “Stricken.” I’m not sure why metal, hard rock type stuff helps me focus but I have a feeling it is because it puts me in attack mode so I go after that dirt. (I really do have a varied palette when it comes to music, but certain types suit me better at certain times.) However, I have to tame down my listening choices because little ears are listening. My husband likes to blast freestyle or mellow out to Tracy Chapman when he cleans. It doesn’t work for me. Sadly, now I clean to the backdrop of my kids fighting over a toy. Is this a sign that I need a cleaning lady or should I just find something that motivates me without damaging my children’s hearing?

Do you have a cleaning day or do you spread the cleaning out for the week? What works for you? I really want to know.