Pinstagram connects Instagram and Pinterest

Some of you may be familiar with Pinterest and some of you may be familiar with Instagram. Both are social networks that revolve around pictures, but they are not the same. Pinterest functions predominantly online, while Instagram functions on your smartphone. Pinterest has an iphone app, but not one for Android or Blackberry. They only offer a mobile site that has very limited functionality. Instagram has apps for both iphone and Android.

Mobile phone users tend to use Instagram for their picture needs. Instagram allows you to adjust and edit your photos to make them look like a professional took them. It even allows you to share on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Tumblr. However, you can not “Pin” those pictures to Pinterest and you can’t import Facebook photos into Pinterest, so it can feel very tedious to get your pictures in both places.

Pinterest, on the other hand, allows you to create boards, pin to articles, and can be a major traffic driver for your blog or website. You can also run contests and allow other people to pin to the “boards” you create.

Here is where Pinstagram comes in

Pinstagram is website that was designed to allow you to experience Instagram on the web, as opposed to your phone. You sign in using your Instagram sign-in info. What makes it extra cool is that you CAN pin your pictures from Instagram to your Pinterest boards.

So the process goes like this:

Take a picture with your phone –> edit it in Instagram –> upload to your social media profiles –> go online to Pinstagram –>Pin the photo on the appropriate Pinterest Board

While this will not exactly drive traffic to a specific blogpost unless you include the link in the description, it will allow for ongoing content at a faster pace to your Pinterest account. You may gain more followers through compelling pictures and those followers may then in turn come to your blog/site through your profile.

Have you had difficulty trying to streamline your pictures or have you already tried Pinstagram? Comment below with your experience.