Blogging While Living

I saw a FB post today from a friend, Nicole, that said something to the effect of “You are a blogger if you write about your life online. But, the more life you are living, the more of an unblogger you become.”

I look back at some of my recent blog posts, and they appear to be sporadic and predominantly sponsored in nature. That is never how I intended for my blog to be. Of course, I do my best to weave my personal story into my sponsored posts, but there has been a general lack of non-sponsored personal storytelling on my behalf.  I really began to realize it as I am part of yet another group giveaway and to enter, people have to comment on your blog posts. I can see that people are struggling to find some meat on the bones to comment about.

My life has become so busy, that it seems I only post when I have to, for some obligation or another. I have not had the time to really delve into my writing and telling the story of my life. I do look back though at these past few months and see that I have been doing a whole lotta’ living. I have been expressing myself via social media, especially instagram as of late. People have been following my journey, each trip I take, each event I host or attend. It’s like they are living vicariously through me and the images that I share. Instagram allows me to share things in the moment and move on to continue living and experiencing new moments. It’s almost like blogging lags me down, because I am forced to slow down and craft something. As a perfectionist, slowing myself down, makes things take so much longer to complete because I reiterate my phrasing 500 times before I post.

To be honest, I actually enjoy video. But, I am working on getting the right equipment to be able to vlog professionally. Being that #MyMister is good at graphic design and video editing, I am sure we can combine my spirit of living in the moment, with his craft of visual storytelling, to create better content for my followers to consume. I love sharing my stories, I just need to focus on how to do that more frequently in less time.

I have learned through social measurement tools that I am highly influential when it comes to travel, parents and marketing, so I plan to do more family travel blogging and vlogging. I think that this would be a good path for us to take as a family, as we are all blogging and vlogging now. When I took the passion test, I discovered one of my passions in life was to travel the world with my family and this would be the perfect opportunity to fulfill that passion.

Truth be told, before I even started the mom blog, Eddie and I already agreed that we wanted to travel the world. In fact, one of the things we connected on via my MySpace blog was my survey that said I wanted to travel to Italy. Plus, we are very transient people. Since we have been married, we have lived in 6 places, and we are about to go on 8 years of marriage. Eddie supported my mom blog, because he always felt it would be an opportunity to facilitate us homeschooling the kids. Being that we reside in Florida, our kids can attend public school virtually, meaning we could travel and blog, without affecting their education. In fact, travel would allow us to bring their education to life.

Of course, these are just my inner thoughts on the direction I will be taking in the future in regards to my personal storytelling. It is my effort to make my blog not only fit into my life, but for my blog to facilitate it.