By Heather Lopez

I suppose this topics is perfect for Blog Things Thursday. Recently I got swamped by all of the posts I was writing while balancing my other paid work, kids, home, etc. I have about 30 posts that I found out never got published, so now I have to go back and tweak them all so they can be published. Fun!

I have recently been speaking with some other bloggers and I found out that I am not the only one in this situation. Not only do we feel obligated to post about the wonderful brands and products we may be in contact with, but we also have to provide personal content in between those posts so that we continue to attract our readers and not appear to be a blatant advertisement blog or hired gun on behalf of the brands we make do business with.

What is the solution to blog overwhelm? Well, while doing research on this, I discovered some pretty simple steps that we could all implement, but don’t. And I am totally guilty of this myself, so I am not playing perfect here.

  • Setting up a schedule and sticking to it no matter what.
  • When working with a brand, deliver the posts as promptly as possible so that it does not nag at the back of your mind
  • Be clear in your product review policies that you may choose not to post a review of a product you received a sample of, or that their review will need to be scheduled into your editorial calendar. This gives you the power to keep your posts from becoming backed up.
  • If you are not able to post something within a certain timeframe, either don’t take it on or be honest with the brands you work with.
  • Don’t accept every opportunity that comes to you. Curate what brands you work with and for sponsored posts, aim for campaigns that will give you the most income for your time while still staying true to your blog and your personality.
  • Don’t waste time on drama or personal issues with another blogger. Instead focus on the followers who do love you.
  • Post more naturally (aka just write). You’ll feel less anxious about posting. You can always go back later and add in the seo, pics, etc. that will help you with your numbers, but for now just let the words flow. That’s exactly how I am writing this post.
  • Set a time to write your posts and stick to it. Imagine that it is a job responsibility that you must take care of at whatever the set time is. You wouldn’t blow off your boss at a set time, don’t blow off your blog.

Like I said, I have been guilty myself. Hence why I have a new onsite staff member to assist me in getting it all together. Just know that it is okay to admit when you fall off. You are not failing, you are just practicing so you can get it right.

Any of you suffering from blog overwhelm?