By Heather Lopez

I haven’t made an announcement about this, but I am a Yahoo! Shine Get It Guide Insider. What’s a Get It Guide? Well it is “Shine’s ultimate one-stop destination for the “must  have” items women are talking about.” One of their latest guides surrounded the topic of  the most popular jeans.


To have some fun with the topic, Yahoo! sent me and five of my lucky mom readers on a Jean Spree to try on four brands of Jeans: Lucky, Lee, Levi’s, & True Religion. I figured I’d make it even more fun by trying to seek out the NEW “Mom Jean.” Yes, the dreaded saggy butt, high-waisted mom jean seriously needs an update.

Us moms headed over to the Boynton Beach Mall in Sunny South Florida to seek out and try on the four brands. The first brand we found was Levi’s inside of Macy’s. Now my traditional thoughts of Levi’s were that they were really designed for men working in blue collar jobs, but I was pleasantly surprised that they really have taken women into consideration with their current line of jeans. The other moms liked the jeans and one mom even dared to where white. However, the white of the pants and the white of her shirt made her look like she worked in a hospital. I’m sure she would need a different shirt to go with it. On sale the jeans were about $34, which was a good price. Macy’s did not have the other brands we were looking for, which was surprising because it said online that Macy’s carried Lucky Brand jeans & True Religion.


We then headed over to JC Penney where we found Lee jeans. Interestingly enough, we discovered one of our moms was already wearing Lee’s and she didn’t even know it. After trying these on, the other moms generally agreed that they liked the Lee’s better than the Levi’s. However, I was not happy at all with the pair that I tried on. The front area was kind of baggy and to be honest the seam between my legs was digging me … you know where.  The moms thought my butt looked great in them though. These jeans were also around the same price as the Levi’s, though I think they were $32 on sale.


When we couldn’t find the Lucky Brand jeans nor the True Religion in the Boynton Beach Mall, some of our moms really had to go on a spree. We found out there was a Lucky Brand store in the Boca Town Center about 25 minutes south of where we were that had the jeans. One of our moms traveled over there to try them on and she said she liked those the best. They even have this Super Stretchy kind, which I have tried on in the past and definitely liked best of all the jeans we tried. However, the price was about 3 times as much as the Levi’s and the Lee’s. I suspect that if we had all tried on the Lucky Brand jeans, we would’ve liked the fit and not the price.

Turns out that the Macy’s that had True Religion in stock was in California, so we started seeking other locations for those jeans. We struck Gold when we found them in the Wellington-Green Mall and The Galleria Mall. Unfortunately the only one of us who could actually get into them was the most petite of the group.  Plus, they were expensive. They definitely would not be claiming the title of the NEW mom jean.

Like I said, the favorite of the group was the Lee’s, both for fit and for price. For me, I just did not see how Lee’s would be the New mom jean as they are more like the current mom jean. For me the Levi’s was the clear winner of the four.  I think we need a brand that offers stretchy, comfortable, and flattering fit at an affordable price (and no, the pajama jeans don’t count.)

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Yahoo! Each of the mom participants received a giftcard to facilitate the jean shopping spree. All opinions expressed are honest reviews based on real experiences with the aforementioned brands.