I got a chance to attend The Art of Fashion event put on by searsStyle in Miami yesterday, and I am here to report the “goings on” that took place. Bloggers from all over South Florida, and even the US, were invited to participate in an awesome opportunity to celebrate the art of fashion during Art Basel.

After braving the traffic and finally finding a parking spot (valet was full), I stepped into the Raleigh Hotel. I was immediately greeted and asked to wait at the base of the elevator so that I may be escorted to the top floor for the event. (Ooh, they were really making sure this party stayed exclusive).

Upon reaching the top floor, I was greeted by some lovely ladies who handed me a gift bag & a 20% off flyer, as well as another woman who handed me a non-alcoholic pink lemonade in a wine glass. I was asked to drop my business card in a jar for a drawing for a gift basket. I put in my pink butterfly note, hoping they would grab the card that stuck out like a sore thumb. My gift bag included the bag, a water bottle, a business card holder, a sample of Justin Beiber’s Someday perfume, as well as a small journal and a sticky chalkboard.

I walked through the hallway to find a table of my peers adding studs to pairs of jeans they picked up at another table set-up. The Kardashian Kollection jeans I was hoping to score had already been swiped. They still had Bongo and Canyon River Blues jeans available. Since I was wearing a size 8, I asked for that. (Not afraid to admit my size). They only had one pair left in that size, black Canyon River Blues. So I figured I’d give a size 7 Bongo a try. They had a variety of colors for me to choose from, but I chose the purple with black fade jeggings. As I waited in line, I ran into a mom blogger who was not yet part of my group. It turns out she has a 5 year old daughter and a 3 year old son. I was thinking, wow, what a coincidence? Now I can set-up a blogger playdate with her afterwards.

After making sure the purple jeans fit, we headed over to another table where there was a canvas set up. We were invited to “paint” the canvas using watercolor markers. I cheated a bit because I took out my pink butterfly note and traced it. Then I proceeded to decorate and brand my butterfly. (Hey, I wanted to stand out!)

After that I headed over to the jeans-decorating table where I was greeted by I Spy DIY Style author Jenni Radosevich. Jenni signed a copy of her book for me and gave us some DIY tips on putting the studs into our jeans. Realizing how difficult this task was, I stick with pinning two pink jewel studs into the jeans’ back prockets and then grabbed a white t-shirt. I cut the top of the shirt, trimmed the collar and made a belt from it. I tried to hold the belt in place using studs, but that did not work as well. I had others taking a picture of my creation. Then I was thinking I wish I had some fabric paint or something to spruce it up.

After getting creative, I headed outside for a light lunch. I saw a photo booth set-up, but I didn’t get a chance to snap a pic. They have a variety of foods to choose from, though most of it was seafood, which I am allergic to. I “scarfed” down a couple of egg salad sandwich triangles, some bread sticks, and some salad.  It was nice to hang out with some of my group members and some other moms I don’t often get to see in person.

Then I headed back inside to get a smoky eye courtesy of NYX eye makeup and a mini-mani courtesy of Sally Hansen. We were gifted with another small giftbag after that. We also snapped some pics by the Step & Repeat.


After the drawing for the basket, I headed back outside to check out the clothing racks that were set-up with various brand fashions for the upcoming season.


I checked out the racks but gravitated towards some items on the Bongo and Kardashian Kollection racks. I honestly started thinking what I would look like in a jumper. There were some items on the True Freedom rack that looked comfortable and feminine.  I tended to avoid some of the racks because they were sporty or more professional than I dress. In the picture above, I honestly would’ve taken many of the items right then and there.

Overall, it was an awesome experience and I look forward to doing some more shopping at Sears in the future. Who knew they could be so stylish?

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