So the theme this month has been Share The Love here at Heather Lopez Enterprises. Part of this theme is showing appreciation for your customers & clients in order to retain them.

How have you been showing appreciation to your customers? Are you offering a reward card, a special return customer incentive, a newsletter only deal? Have you taken the time to acknowledge your customers and how they have helped to contribute to your business’ success?

The key to growing your business is not to continually seek out new customers, but to develop strong relationships with your existing customers. If they are happy with your service or products, they will recommend them to others. This is sometimes known as word of mouth marketing, but WOMM can be contrived or based on an incentives. When clients share on their own volition, it means they truly believe in you or your product and gladly share this with others, no payment or incentive needed. Those are the most effective referrals because they are based on real experience and have no ulterior motive.

While I say to take time developing existing relationships, I don’t mean constantly contacting them with your latest deal or promotion. I mean, actually interact and get to know them. If you are constantly approaching them with more things for them to buy, they might get sick of being sold to and move on.  You need to give them something in return and especially in the form of content.

You will soon find that you can retain your clients with consistency, quality, value, and a sense of loyalty.

As always, comments are appreciated. Tell me how you are sharnig the love with your customers this month.