I am gearing up for The New Now: Live Your Best Life virtual conference next month and as an influencer partner, I’ve had the chance to check out a little more more about each of the sponsors.

In addition to learning about new Lincoln models, I also had a chance to participate in a listening masterclass with Revel and Lincoln.  Just prior to the class, I received a surprise package of some goodies to be used during it:

I am no stranger to listening to music to study it’s sounds. I aced my Music and Culture in the 60’s class, which required extensive listening sessions to identify instruments, artists, and unique patterns. But, I learned an entirely new way to listen during this masterclass as it really broke down the concepts of Treble, Bass, and Mid-Range; and how they relate to the speakers in your car (and different variations of chocolate as well). As much as I studied music, I really didn’t grasp how to better adjust my settings in my car to get the most ideal sounds for my ears. And of course, they discussed how the Revel speakers in Lincoln vehicles were designed to gain the best acoustics within the vehicle. Did you know that 70% of Americans 13 and older listen to audio in the car everyday and that it’s the #1 place to listen to music? In fact, music consumption in the car has grown by 15.7% in the last year!

If you want to conduct your own listening session, first check out these videos explaining speaker placement and purpose:  Revel & Lincoln | Behind the Wheel, Inside the Sound – YouTube Playlist

Then, once you are ready to sit in your car for your listening session, you can start playing this Spotify playlist.

And if you’d like to learn more about Revel speakers in Lincoln vehicles, please visit this site: https://www.revelspeakers.com/in-lincoln.html

Lincoln & Revel

Need a break from what’s happening outside? Join A Girls Guide to Cars, Lincoln, Revel Speakers & more on September 22nd for a virtual day of creating sanctuary as they host speakers, ideas and tips at The New Now: Live Your Best Life. Registration is free and open to all, and the first 200 attendees to join the full event will receive a special gift in the mail from A Girls Guide to Cars & the event sponsors. Register here: bit.ly/driveyourbestlife and join the fun on social media by following these hashtags: #DriveyourBestlife #LincolnSanctuary #RevelXLincoln (Plus, there’s bonus Yoga and conversation days on September 8th and 15th too!)

And in case it wasn’t clear in the unboxing video above, I received a pair of AKG headphones by HARMAN, a box of chocolates, and a Revel branded bookbag. Revel is made by HARMAN as well. No additional compensation was received and this blog post was not required as part of my event partnership. All opinions expressed are my own.