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Every morning, I get up at the buttcrack of dawn to get my daughter up for high school. We need to be out the door by 6:45a to brave the carline and drop her at the front door in time for first period. The problem is, she takes TWO HOURS to get ready in the morning. If you have a teen girl, maybe you can relate? Well, the point is that I don’t have time to spend cleaning off the condensation, rain, or sometimes even the frost, that forms a film on my windshield. I usually turn up the temp, hit the front and back defrost, and the run the wipers. But, I have to crack open my windows so that I can see to get out of my driveway and then turn out of my block. When it’s cold outside or raining, this especially sucks. Then, it takes several minutes into my dark morning drive for me to have enough visibility to close the windows. It’s not like I haven’t tried to use products to combat this issue before. Heck, I even have a car wash membership  that includes a windshield cleaner. But, the problem still persisted.

And then, I learned about the Nano Magic® Force Field® nanocoating technology that creates a hydrophobic, non-stick barrier that repels rain and protects against bugs, salt, and whatever the flock of birds flying overhead lets loose on your windshield. Even more impressive is that this coating lasts up to a whole year!

Need a good laugh? Watch this video that explains the technology behind their magic:

After I watched this video, I figured I’d give it a shot. With winter storms impending, even in Florida where I live, it’s good to prepare for the worst. Plus, with birds flying South in the winter and lovebugs plastering the front of my car, what did I have to lose? I mean, you haven’t lived until you’ve scraped gooey bug bits and dried bird poo off your windshield.

Nano Magic’s all-in-one DIY kit includes everything you need to improve your driving visibility, decrease your response time, and keep your windshield clear all year round.

Nano Magic Forec Field Windshield Kit

• 15mL bottle of Force Field® solution
• 6oz Windshield Cleaning Spray
• Telescoping Squeegee
• 1 Pair of Gloves
• 2 Large Microfiber Cloths

This kit currently sells for $34.99 on NanoMagic.Com, but scroll down for a special, limited time deal.

How Do You Use It?


The 4-part process is pretty simple:

  1. Clean

  2. Pour + Apply

  3. Magic Wand

  4. Buff

First, you take the windshield cleaning spray and one of the microfiber cloths, and clean the windshield. You have to make sure it’s completely dry before you move on to the next part.

Nano Magic Windshield Cleaner

Then, you put on your gloves, open up the squeegee, pour the Force Field® solution on the mesh part of the squeegee, and then apply the solution evenly over the entire windshield and wait at least a minute. (Disclaimer: Please note that this portion of my video is for demonstrative purposes only. I did actually put on gloves and removed the safety cap before applying it to the squeegee.)

NanoMagic Force Field Solution

Next, you squeegee any excess solution and spray more windshield cleaner onto the windshield.

Nano Magic Results

And lastly, you buff the windshield using the second microfiber cloth. Then toss the sponge, gloves and the solution; and pop your clothes into the washing machine.

For your car loving friends and family, this kit would make for a great present. And for those of you with new drivers at home, this might help you feel a bit more safe. I’m so nervous for my daughter who just turned the legal age to get her permit.

My Thoughts

I’m writing this post about a week later and I can tell you that water still beads up on my windshield. It is so much easier to remove the condensation now. My daughter’s on winter break at the moment, but I am looking forward to effortless mornings with a clear windshield. And I’m dreading love bug season just a bit less.


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