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As a business owner, I am constantly using technology, so I have come across various products that make my life easier. As a traveler, I am looking for small and portable products to take with me on the go. As a mom, I am looking for products that pull double-duty so I can take care of several people at once. As a woman with a sense of design, I carefully choose technology products that are aesthetically pleasing and fit into my home office design. I’ve been known to match colors of my computers, mouses, cases, etc to match my branding.  Eggtronic offers so many products that appeal to my various senses, and I recently had the opportunity to try out two of them: Sirius and Charging Stones.

Eggtronic Logo with black background

If you’ve been following me, you know that Italy is my dream destination, so it’s no wonder that the company products I am attracted to are made by a company based in Italy (Modena, Italy to be exact). Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini are all from this part of Italy: great design and world-class engineering are in the area’s DNA. Eggtronic is not formally affiliated with any of these car makers, though some of the world’s largest companies and biggest luxury car manufacturers use Eggtronic technology. Formally a boutique engineering firm, Eggtronic is massively scaling up in 2020 and their products will be rolled out across the country in Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Office Depot, and others. But, you don’t need to wait until they hit the shelves because the products are already available online. Check out my video below, then keep reading to learn more and find out where to buy them.

Sirius 65W Universal Power Adapter

My husband just got me a small mobile laptop to take with me when I am out and about because my current laptop is a bit bulky to lug around to conferences, client meetings, and (soon to be) customer homes when I get into the real estate market. But, the adapter that came with it is still a bit bulky for me AND I’d have to carry around a separate phone charger, which is slowly increasing the size of the bag I need to carry everything. However, I was introduced to the Sirius charger, which helped solved this issue.

Eggtronic Sirius Charger in comparison to regular chromebook charger

At a weight of just 3.35 ounces, and a size of 2.70 by 1.98 by 0.77 inches, this charger is smaller than a deck of cards and universal for USB-C devices. It responds to USB-C devices with the advanced USB Power Delivery output. Automatic smart-detection of different voltages (from 5 to 20 volts) and current (from 0.1 to 3.25 amperes) means your different USB-C devices, no matter how much energy they require, will recharge quickly and safely using Sirius. This power adapter works for my new laptop, my new phone, my daughter’s phone and even my Nintendo Switch in case I have a kid in tow. There’s no need to carry multiple chargers anymore, saving me space.

Eggtronic Sirius 65W Universal USB-C Charger charges multiple devices

It’s both small and efficient. EcoVoltas, it’s charging technology that’s made with gallium nitride transistors rather than silicon, makes it’s size, power capacity, and efficiency possible. With more than 70 international patents, there’s nothing like it that can be sold today. I really love that this charger has a 93% conversion rate, which means that 93% of the energy it takes in is converted into power towards the device it’s charging. It also has a cool running feature that keeps the temperature very low, which preserves the device and ultimately saves you money.

I also love that it has a flush design when plugged into sockets, which both saves space and helps keep the charger plugged into the outlet.

The versatility and portability of this power adapter makes it ideal for travelers, especially family and business travelers like our family is.

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Wireless Charging Stones

Eggtronic Charging Stone White Marble

The Wireless Charging Stone takes advanced Qi wireless charging technology and embeds it in elegant, high-quality natural materials like genuine marble, travertine, and pink Himalyan salt. No cheap-looking plastic for us. Each Wireless Charging Stone is beautiful and unique and enhances your sophisticated home and office decor. I think the beauty of this product sets Eggtronic apart. I chose the genuine marble because I felt it would fit nicely on my desk, or anywhere in my house honestly. The charger stone has some weight to it, so it’s not the kind of charger you’d be taking with you. However, it’s the kind of charger you won’t have to think about hiding when people are coming over or having to clear it out so you don’t have to look at ugly wires all of the time. Yes, it plugs into the wall, but the cord itself is coated in a shiny fabric cord cover, so it doesn’t look out of place. The way it works is that you place your compatible phone on the center of the stone and it will begin charging right away. There’s o There is an adapter you can purchase that can be used for some phones to make them compatible.

Eggtronic White Marble Charging Stone with iPhone X

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