Special Guest Post by Jackson De La Cruz, who attended this event on behalf of The Social Commerce Mom and Bloggin’ Mamas. All opinions are his own and, other than the invite, he was not compensated for this post. 
Dr Miracle NYC Launch Event- Jacson and Malinda Williams
RELAX! There is no burn when relaxing your hair with Dr. Miracle’s newest invention the Miracle Renewal – This is a MIRACLE indeed!
This system is unlike any other on the market for straightening hair. Actress Malinda Williams, professional hair stylists for the stars, and two scientists joined the panel to speak about this miraculous product. I was amazed at the ingredients and the way it leaves your hair. Imbued with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, it instantly repairs damage and results in soft, fluffy feeling hair. The shine that produces is natural and unlike other relaxer brands, where you must add oil and shine after a relaxer. This is not the case with Miracle Renewal. Dr. Miracle’s innovative product is sure to take the hair market by storm when it hits shelves this summer. Ladies, no more burn, no more fear of hair falling with this ground-breaking recipe.
Dr Miracle NYC Launch Event
According to the fabulous Malinda Williams, who relaxes and styles her own hair, she used Miracle Renewal just 3 hours before joining the panel in the Sony Wonder Technology Lab on Madison Avenue. Melinda absolutely loved the product, giving it rave reviews. She shared that it did not feel as if her hair was being relaxed due to its gentle ingredients. While styling her hair she noticed a beautiful bounce and the sides of her hair looked better than ever and were “laid!” Malinda also pointed out that the shine was incredible and another product was not needed after. She demonstrated the feel of her hair after using Miracle Renewal by convincing people to feel it. Everyone truly agreed that this hair relaxing product is a must try and must have once it hits beauty supply stores nationwide.
Dr Miracle NYC Launch Event
It was a great experience to witness and learn about Dr. Miracle’s innovative new hair treatment at its launch. This is a fantastic product with a dedicated and passionate team that stands behind it 100%.
FYI – A piece of advice that was emphasized to the consumer: FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS and TIMING in the directions for best results. Merely leaving a relaxer in longer than advised does not mean straighter hair; this is ineffective for hair health. With Miracle Renewal following the instructions indicated will leave your hair most beautiful and healthier than ever.