According to sources such as USA Today & Gizmodo, Google plans on launching a new tablet to rival Apple’s Ipad and the newly debuted Microsoft “Surface.” The new tablet is expected to make its own debut at Google’s I/O Developer Conference tomorrow.

It is anticipated to be priced somewhere between $199 and $250, 7″ in size & having a battery life of 9 hours. There is also speculation about its newer developing technologies such as a voice activated assistant similar to Siri and a newer version of Android going by the name “Jelly Bean.” Considering that my childhood nickname was “Jelly Bean,” I must admit a sense of intrigue here.

I have an Android-powered smartphone, so I have watched while Iphone users get to do things like sync their devices at once and ask “Siri” questions, while all I could do was play with the cool apps on mine. My hope is that this new tablet would allow it to be synced with my phone and that there was some sort of cloud-type thing to store the data I would access from different Android powered devices.

I have sat by watching tablets running the Android operating system fail time and time again. And with the ever competitive tablet business growing at lightspeed, Google seriously needs to step up their game in this market. I only hope that this tablet is the answer, at least for now, that will allow us PC-lovin’, Android -users to feel like we are still at the forefront of technology even if we choose not to rely on Apple products.

Your Turn: What would you like to see in a Google tablet? Are you an Iphone user who really doesn’t care about this news? Considering checking out Microsoft’s Surface instead?