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Raise your hand if your kids have ever created a craft with glitter, and you are still finding glitter years later in your house! It’s kind of like when you decorate a Christmas tree with tinsel or use fake grass in Easter baskets. It will just keep turning up whenever you move a piece of furniture and dare to clean an area you haven’t touched in awhile. But, glitter gets in your clothes, in your hair, and pretty much every available crevice. Well, there’s finally a solution for this problem. JMP Creative, inventor of numerous well-known toys such as Orbeez, came up with Crayola Glitter Dots to tackle this issue and save the day for parents and crafters alike.  Now if only they could invent something to prevent little toy bricks from getting stepped on in the middle of the night….

Winner of a National Parenting Product Award, Crayola Glitter Dots are these little balls of glitter, held together by a clay or glue-like substance that is not sticky or messy at all. They can be used in crafts requiring glitter, but there are also some crafting sets that are offered by the brand as well. Available sets include keychains, stickers, stencil art, mosaics, sparkly signs, and a sparkle station. The single packs include 42 dots, in three color palettes and a specialty palette (Classic, Tropical, Bold, and Sparkle Fill), and run for about $4.99. The crafting sets run for about $9.99 and come with a single pack inside, and the Sparkle Station runs for $19.99 and comes with 84 dots inside. These products are recommended for ages 5 and older. Keep reading further for some more Crayola Glitter Dots fun, including making a keychain.

#CrayolaGlitterDots Blogger Party

Being HMIC (Head Mama In Charge) of Bloggin’ Mamas, I had the wonderful opportunity to check these little miracles out in person via a #CrayolaGlitterDots Blogger Party with our LA-area mamas. It was held at the Magic Workshop in Irvine, home of JMP Creative and Alien Buzz TV. (My kids weren’t with me, but they mailed the event goody bag home for them to try out some of the products.)

Our event started off in an area that is a studio meant to look more like the outdoors. In fact, the temperature is meant to mimic the outdoors as well. We indulged in some snacks; took some great photos of a bathtub ball pit, a ball pit box, a giant dinosaur, a potty trike, and other props used in Alien Buzz TV; interacted with their touchscreen wall and enjoyed a laser light show.

Next, we traveled onto a 360 degree theater room with bean bag seats in the middle, and participated in an interactive movie presentation.

Then, it was finally time to visit the Crayola section of the the Magic Workshop. Filled with colorful backdrops, example creations, and even the world’s largest glitter dot, this area was an overload of the senses. It’s where they film videos for these Crayola products, and they had added in two glitter stations. In one station, you can have glitter dots dropped on you. In the other, you don some protective gear to have actual glitter dropped on you. Thank goodness for the protective suits, because I would’ve had glitter hair for weeks.  Going through airport security that night was… interesting. My bare feet were covered in glitter when I took off my shoes. I can only imagine what other people were thinking.

Once we had the chance to check out this space, we moved onto the crafting area in what they deem the Living Room. There were products set-up so we could see the full line, and we had the chance to make keychains and stickers.

Lastly, we grabbed some lunch after working up an appetite. It was a good chance to discuss all of the amazing things we had seen.

After our mamas left, I had a chance to check out both of their toy rooms. One of the rooms is what they call their Inspiration Room, decked out in toys from wall to wall, floor to ceiling. There were all kinds of toys, some of them vintage. JMP Creative designers actually go into the room to gather inspiration for the toys they invent. They also have another toy room filled with toys they have invented under various brand names.

Crayola Glitter Dots Keychain Activity Set

Following the event, everyone received gift bags with some single sets, an activity set and a few other bonus toys from JMP Creative. As I mentioned earlier, they mailed mine. My kids were so excited to receive the package. My daughter decided right away that she wanted to do the doggy with the ice cream keychain. We are throwing her an ice cream and cupcake social for her birthday this year, so she felt this one fit in. My son opted for the sloth keychain. He’s a big fan of sloths. I made the kitty keychain while I was at the event.

To make the craft, make sure you have all of the pieces. Pop out some dots so that they are ready to make the keychain. Each keychain uses about 12-14 dots. You use the tool to shape them into the little areas of each section of the keychain. You pop on the back of the keychain. Then you slide the string through the hole and put beads on each side. You can use clasps, a keyring or both to finish it off. To add the clasps, you slide a clasp on each side of the strong. Then you tie knots on each side and cut off the excess string. After that, connect the two clasps to each other. You can then add the keyring onto the string. You don’t need to use the clasps if you don’t want.

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