Happy Monday! Welcome the possibilities that this week might hold.

When you think of Mondays, is your first reaction AAH or Ahh? Many people fear Monday’s arrival because their weekend ends and they must return to work. I look forward to Mondays as an opportunity for renewal. For me, it signals a whole week of things that I can accomplish.

Perhaps  if people changed their viewpoint of Mondays, they wouldn’t feel so bad. I suppose it all ties into whether you enjoy your work or not. If you hate your job, then you seek to be away from it as much as possible. If you love your job, you can look forward to doing the work you were meant to do. It is all a matter of finding your purpose and shifting your life and work to fulfilling that purpose.

Now finding your purpose might be the hard part. It took lots of prayer and meditation for me to see the path that I was meant to travel. I know the path is long, but every week is an opportunity for me to get a little closer to my destination.  I took the passion test once and that really helped me to see that I am on the right path to living my passion. I am not trying to get all heavy on a Monday, but I felt that this was a great opportunity to help others change their perspective of the week ahead.

This week I am looking forward to some great meetings with several potential brand clients, speaking at a Mastercard team meeting and hosting a coming out party for the South Florida chapter of Bloggin’ Mamas. It will be busy, the hours will be long, but I will love every second of it because it is my purpose.

I give credit to God for giving me that purpose and for leading me to discover it. Even when faced with obstacles and negativity, I am able to overcome with His power.

So look forward to this week instead of dreading it. Use each waking moment to live the life you were meant to. Make things happen, don’t just let things happen to you. Happy Monday!