So, as I mentioned the other day, I was invited to emcee the Butterfly Kiss Coast to Coast Ladies Night Out  held in Miami. I am so thrilled to join Diageo in announcing the newest addition to their expansive wine portfolio called Butterfly Kiss.  I think once you taste it, you’ll agree that these delightfully light and floral wines provide the perfect break from our busy lives, especially on Let Your Hair Down Friday.

Butterfly Kiss currently offers four variants:

  • PINOT GRIGIO is a delicate, light wine showing kisses of citrus and ripe pear.
  • PINK PINOT GRIGIO is a rosé-styled wine showing lively flavors of strawberry shortcake and bright citrus.
  • CHARDONNAY features lush, tropical fruit flavors, kissed by a touch of vanilla.
  • MOSCATO is a lovely, well-balanced sweet white wine loaded with stone fruit and citrus.

The Chardonnay was a bit strong for me and the Pinot Grigio was subtle. The Pink Pinot Grigio was delicious, but my favorite of them all was the Moscato. I loved it so much, I chose to take two bottles home with me.

The event was set-up on a balcony terrace where the Muse Beauty Suite is located. The attendees were welcomed at the base and checked in. Once upstairs, they were greeted again and given an opportunity to choose between getting their makeup done, hair styled, or a mani/pedi. Needless to say the line for the mani/pedi filled up very quickly. I, of course, as the emcee got a chance to do all three.


After I got my hair and makeup done, I headed over to the food of course. There was a nice variety of appetizers available. There were vegetables on sticks, crackers, and cheese. They were perfect to go with the wine, which everyone was sampling.

Madonna Coffman, founder and president of Locks of Love, and I took shelter under the white tent because it got a bit breezy. We had a nice conversation about her organization. Then I got to introduce her to the audience.

And as tradition states, someone generously donated her hair to the cause. Did you know that many of the recipients do not have cancer? Yep, only about 20% of them have cancer. With these events, over 100 inches of hair has been donated. Donations were excepted by the door and Miami raised the most  of all of the events so far.


After thanking the donor, I got a chance to mingle with some of the attendees. I met so many dynamic women, and even some moms, who all were enjoying a nice break from their day.

Here are a couple more pics of me from the event:


At the end of the night, attendees were handed small giftbags that contained makeup mirrors, wine bottle openers and a small card of the retail locations where the wine is available for purchase.

Overall, it was a great night. The moms of the group didn’t want to leave. They wanted to take advantage of their time away from the kids.

To find out more about the Butterfly Kiss Wines, you can visit them at their website. Here is  a cute video they have:

Disclosure: While I was compensated for this post and emcee’ing the event, it in no way affected my opinions of the product.