My rant:

Do you prefer your backstabbing to be a secretive wave of gossip shared between an exclusive group or out publicly to everyone but you? This past week I’ve experienced both forms and let me tell you I am agitated to say the least. While I am not going to go into the specifics of each situation, I will say that we are not in high school any more folks. I’d hope to think we are more mature than that. When you gossip with ill intent, you are only doing yourself a disservice. In one of these situations, I did not have any hint or clue that something was wrong. In the other, there was a breakdown of communication on the other person’s part. There will always be people who hurt you because it is human nature.  Even Jesus was betrayed by his closest supporters, so I know that no one is immune.

As a christian, I am working on forgiving those who have betrayed me. I know that holding a grudge only anchors me down. I will set myself free from those chains and move on.  End of rant.

My rave:

I am loving the wonderful moms in my groups for being so supportive of each other and moving toward a real community feel where the interaction goes beyond just words online and extends to a real world change. I am looking forward to having more in person meetups with them because I feel that those connections are so important. We get to remember that we are people and not just social media avatars you have to squint to see.