Using Scheduled Posts on Facebook

5 Tips for Using Scheduled Posts on Facebook

Many of you may be aware that you are capable of scheduling posts on your Facebook Page, but are you fully aware of how you should go about scheduling? Perhaps you have started using Facebook scheduled posts as a means to free up your time and alleviate crunch time when it comes to social media marketing of your sponsored content. Many of us use this feature on Facebook for our brand and business pages, but today I wanted to share a few tips to help you make the most of scheduled posts on Facebook.

Tips for Scheduled Posts on Facebook

  • Know Your Audience – Be certain to review your Facebook Page analytics to determine who and when people frequent your Facebook Page updates.
  • Remain Consistent – Schedule content consistently to maintain high engagement during peak visitor hours.
  • Add Targeting to Your Post – Start using the target audience feature when scheduling posts on Facebook as a means to bring more engagement to your page.
  • Use this Feature First (rather than a 3rd party) – Using scheduled posts on Facebook helps you gain for audience than outside services that don’t play nicely with Facebook’s algorithm.
  • Use the Backdate Feature – If you have been away and forget to schedule posts, have no fear, you can use the scheduled posts on Facebook feature to backdate posts to your page.

The mistake many make on Facebook is not recognizing who their audience is. This is a huge business need for anyone looking to thrive online. Whether you want to sell something or just gain exposure and click-thrus, you will need to know who your audience is, what time they frequent the website and what types of posts they like best.  The next part of making sure you are using scheduled posts on Facebook to the fullest possibly advantage is to remain consistent. If your Facebook page starts posting at varying times of day or random days of the week, then your target audience won’t have a clue what to expect from you.

As a person who is running an online blog or business, it’s so important to gain the trust of your loyal following. When you schedule posts on Facebook it ensures that you are engaging your Facebook audience on a regular basis and gaining their trust for your brand. Scheduled posts on Facebook are just another way to save you time to focus elsewhere on business needs. We hope that these tips for scheduled posts on Facebook will help guide you towards success in marketing on Facebook Pages.